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Design Concepts and CFD Optimization with TOSCA Fluid


TOSCA Fluid is so far the only available system for topology optimization of channel flow problems. Starting from an initial design space, an optimized design of a flow channel is determined automatically by TOSCA Fluid. With only one CFD solver run an optimized structure with e.g. significantly reduced pressure drop or homogeneous flow is derived. This allows for the first time an economic topology optimization of industrial large scale flow applicatons.

Your benefit:
  • Fast return-on-investment through use of existing simulation technology and models
  • Improvement of efficiency through automated layout process and extensive process integration
  • Shorter development time through use of optimization in a very early stage of the product development cycle
  • Unique and economic development of innovative flow channels

Download product brochure TOSCA Fluid (pdf)


Dual stream DOC

Design of a dual stream DOC concept by topology optimization

Intercooler intake hose

Significant reduction of pressure drop with only one CFD run

Heat exchanger

Higher efficiency through flow homogenization